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Jacob G Leavitt

Jacob G. Leavitt is an experienced personal injury attorney who has been fighting for victims’ rights for 10 years.

Jacob understands the challenges and difficulties of being injured and having no one to turn to. that is why he decided to become a lawyer, so he could help others in difficult times and fight for their rights.

Jacob has successfully represented countless clients in court and has recovered millions of dollars on their behalf.

If you have been injured in an accident, do not hesitate to call attorney Jacob G. Leavitt for a free consultation today.

Alika Angerman

Alika Angerman has practiced law for nearly a decade. Mr. Angerman has been working almost exclusively in workers’ compensation, handling thousands of hearings, thousands of appeals, and many district court appeals.

Alika has a high success rate and knows how to maximize the claim to best help injured workers.

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