How does workers' compensation work in Nevada?

For many it is an unknown subject, but no one doubts the importance of knowing all your rights as a worker; even more so in situations of difficult legal resolution such as when you get hurt at work.

If you are an immigrant in the state of Nevada, in this SinCity Justicia blog post we hope to solve all your concerns, since we want to be able to help you when you need it most.

In this way, we will begin by teaching you what workers’ compensation (worker’s comp or worker’s compensation, commonly referred to in English) is, what is the procedure for this and what benefits you aspire to if you are eligible.

What is workers' compensation?

Legally, in the state of Nevada all workers are required to be covered by a workers’ compensation insurer. Properly, a series of benefits derive from this for all those employees who have suffered an injury during working hours while performing their duties.

You should know that you are eligible for this help regardless of who was at fault for the accident. In addition, the damages are covered by the contracted insurer, so that your employer will not be the one who has to directly replace them.

Accident compensation procedure

Once the accident is caused, it has to be fast. At your disposal you have 7 days after this to complete the incident report. You will then need to provide it to your employer, who will continue the process by completing two more documents (the C-3 Form and the D-8 Form).

Finally, you will have to complete the Employee’s Claim for Compensation with your doctor. This will be delivered to the employer and the insurer after a maximum of 3 days after starting the treatment of your injury. The insurer will provide the resolution of the document within a maximum period of 30 days, stating whether the claim was accepted or rejected.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

The types of benefits vary depending on the type of injury that was caused to the worker. We present them below:

  • Total temporary disability: It occurs when the injured worker has physical restrictions that do not allow him to work for a certain time. Requires a medical certificate. The employee will receive compensation for accidents equivalent to 66.6% of his salary every two weeks.
  • Partial temporary disability: It occurs when the employee has returned to his job earning a lower remuneration for this after his injury. Thus, an additional salary equivalent to 66.6% of the difference between what the worker earned before and at present is provided.
  • Partial permanent disability: It occurs before a permanent disability caused at work. It is usually resolved by compensation of a fixed economic sum. This figure is determined by some criteria such as the percentage of disability, age and salary of the worker.
  • Total permanent disability: It occurs when the worker is permanently disabled to return to perform their professional duties. Accident compensation is typically paid for the rest of your life.

    If you, unfortunately, have suffered an injury and/or disability at your workplace, we would be happy to advise you on the legal process so that you can claim and receive what is rightfully yours. Trust SinCity Justice, we are experts in workers’ compensation and personal injury. Contact us at [CONTACT INFORMATION] and we will handle your case with the care and attention it deserves.

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