Can I receive any compensation for a work accident without papers?

It is vitally important that, as a worker, you are aware of all your rights. At SinCity Justicia we care deeply that the entire Latino community receives the legal advice it deserves.

Without going any further, there are currently 890,257 Hispanics living in Nevada, which represents 28.7% of the total population of the state. Of that number, unfortunately, 125,000 residents still do not have papers. Yet despite being undocumented, they make up a respectable portion of Nevada’s workforce (10%), contributing property and sales taxes.

So, we want to help all those workers who are faced with the big question: If I suffered an accident at work, could I qualify for some labor compensation or help? Rest assured, because the short answer is yes.

What compensation for work accident do I expect?

The law states that undocumented employees are entitled to almost all the same benefits as any other injured worker. They are the following:

  • Temporary leave. It requires a doctor’s certification regarding the worker’s inability to perform his tasks, specifying the time for which this indisposition will last. To be eligible, the injured person must be absent from work for five days out of a twenty day period.
  • Permanent drop. This compensation applies to the permanent effects of an injury or illness produced in the performance of your work. The amount of money compensated is stipulated depending on the type of injury and the medical evaluation.
  • Medical treatment. If you have a medical insurer, it may cover part of the treatment costs.
  • Compensation for death to the dependent person. In addition, the person who aspires to receive the benefit does not have to be living in the United States to claim it.
  • Mileage reimbursement. If you have been injured while on the job, you can be reimbursed for the transportation costs necessary to get to the doctor and rehabilitation.

    The only exception would be vocational rehabilitation services. This is because, by federal law, an undocumented worker cannot be employed. For that reason, you are not entitled to this benefit, nor to the eligible monetary reward in case you do not want to opt for rehabilitation.

Is it safe to claim compensation for a work accident without papers?

The reality is that the population without papers, as we said, contributes a significant financial sum to the state thanks to taxes. Nothing is further from the truth, an illegal worker has the same rights to resolve or appeal his claim as other citizens.

Even if it doesn’t seem like there are many options left for you, we can take care of it. Trust SinCity Justicia, we will advise you so that you can receive your compensation for work accidents. Contact us at [CONTACT INFORMATION] and we will handle your case with the care and attention it deserves.

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